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In 2015, WURKON launched the NEW LIFESTYLE OF WORK in partnership with leading furniture company ACTIU (SPAIN). Since then, our clients have adopted this approach to their OFFICES and other COMMERCIAL sectors, such as EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, and PUBLIC AREA. The realized projects optimize the spaces by enhancing productivity and innovation and accelerating the improvement in motivation and the satisfaction of the working team.

As the digital world usher endless possibilities for people empowerment and engagement, inspirational designs become the working space's essential asset. Through incorporating new technologies and well-being, WURKON seeks to set a new standard of workspace solutions in Thailand.

In 2021, despite the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we mark our moment of NEW SHOWROOM building with space larger than 5,000 square meters. Space emphasizes the creativity for the ERGONOMICS, EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, and AUDITORIUM sectors, as you can see from the content in this web link. We look forward to maintaining our relationships with clients by continuing to provide innovative and professional solutions. We hope our new solutions will bring about more changes in the workspaces of different industries.

At WURKON, work is on.



About Wurkon

How did Wurkon come about ?

Principle ideas of WURKON came from:

  1. Work place is not about furniture, it is about PEOPLE who works there.
  2. It is also not about how many work seats that can accommodate the staffs in a given space. It is about how to create a space that connects the needs of the COMPANY and PEOPLE who works there.
  3. It is crucial to create an inspirational work space that encourages and fosters the NEW LIFESTYLE OF WORK.

WURKON is a design and service based company specializing in modern working spaces. From designing, sourcing to delivering the high quality products, all departments work and share ideas collaboratively. WURKON works to offer idea and option to all spaces, improve the motivation and satisfaction to the team and improve the results.

Even though we are a design and service company, we do not aim to compete with other design firms. Our mission is to assist the designers to create a livable and workable space, by providing the latest information in terms of trend and product solution

New Lifestyle of work

We start with the attitude – “Love what we do, do what we love”. Then, the rest is a comfortable work place that fosters our new lifestyle of work philosophy. PEOPLE spends a lot of time at work, it makes sense to bring a wellness into the place of work. The well-being condition can nurture the best results from PEOPLE by maintaining the motivation and accelerating the work satisfaction.

The ideal workplace for 21st century tries to set the balance between privacy and collaboration areas in order to perform the work effectively. Find tuning the balance of each space depends on the nature of each individual business and that organization culture.

What does it take to be Wurkon ?

“Work your passion” is a key to everything we do. Our business sense is to convey an environment that boosts the enthusiasm and improves the work results. Each department at WURKON works collaboratively to make sure all the client’s needs are heard, well-responded and be delivered. Company can appreciate furniture as a tool to enhance the productivity and creativity in a place of work from all staffs.


Hide in plain sight

We always select a provocative design that emotionally connects to the function. WURKON never stops looking for the new solution and product that are conceptually exclusive, innovative, attractive and inclusive of ergonomic designs with the hidden messages, as well as value added quality.

Thinking green, living green

WURKON encourages our staffs to be aware of individual’s impact on the environment, to think twice and divided by half while consuming so that we can sustain the world’s resources. We always work with the business partners who share the same sustainability principles. Being green is not a trend, it is an integral part of WURKON’s culture.

Collaboration leads to completion

Collaboration is always an effective way to create the best solution among the geniuses. Good team work can achieve the ultimate productivity and creativity by collaboration among departments and within the team.

Result oriented

Enjoy the ride, strike the goal! - WURKON comprehends problem as a challenge to win and the opportunity to make the team stronger. We enjoy the process of pursuing goals as much as achieving them. Our success is a destination, not just a journey.


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